Frequent asked questions

I have already followed a lot of training and I also meditate. Why would this training be for me?
I am being treated by a psychologist or psychiatrist. Can I still follow the training?
I take medication. Can I still follow this training?
I was seriously abused or had bad experiences in my youth and I don't want to bring all this up. Can I still follow this training?
I work as a coach/trainer myself. Is this training something for me?
I am highly sensitive. Can I follow this training?
I am psychic. Can I follow this training?
Is it possible to pay in installments?
Can I stop the training in the meantime?
Will I receive a certificate afterwards?

Once you have completed all parts of your training, you will receive a certificate as proof of participation.

Can I provide feedback after completing a training?

Of course. You will receive a feedback form and you can leave a review at any time on Springest.

Where can I read your General Terms and Conditions?

Click here to view our terms and conditions..

Do you have another question? You can use the form below for this. If you would like to be called back, you can also indicate this in the form below.

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