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The outer world is a reflection of the inner world, shaped by our thoughts and emotions. Positivity signifies the love we have expressed, while destructive events are karmic in nature, returning to their source. The I AM Academy provides teachings and solutions to effectively navigate and overcome individual and collective challenges. Want to know how?

What is I AM?

‘I AM-ing’ is not a method. ‘I AM’ simply means ‘I AM.’ It refers to your True Self and represents a powerful declaration of your identity and connection to the Divine. Your True Self already exists; it is within you. Learn to focus your attention on it and manifest positive changes in your life. The most beautiful thing is that your True Self is already ‘Whole and Complete.’ This means it does not know trauma, pain, suffering, war, or disease. By focusing on your Truest form, you can manifest your desires and become the Master of your life. Align your thoughts and beliefs with the Spiritual Laws, and direct your focus towards your Heart-flame to create the reality you want to experience.


Street Smart Spirituality

Street smart spirituality simply means using your practice to help you deal with everyday challenges and tough situations. It’s like having a secret weapon that helps you stay calm, positive, and focused when things get difficult. By understanding the workings of consciousness and the Spiritual Laws that govern our lives, you can become more aware of the thoughts and beliefs that shape your reality. Through practices such as meditation, visualization, positive affirmations, and prayers, you learn to anker your consciousness awareness within your True Self. By using these tools, you can navigate through life with more joy, ease, and grace until you completely master your energy.

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Instant Healing power

Susan Shumsky’s book Instant Healing is utilized in all our programs and training courses. It provides immediate and direct healing in an accessible manner for anyone in need.

Marjolijn Loderichs has created a Dutch translation of “Instant Healing.” This bestseller has sold over 30,000 copies.

This is what our I AM ambassadors are saying

It has completely changed my life. I am so very grateful for everything I’ve learned, experienced and changed for the better! And for all those people who may think ‘well, she probably didn’t have such a nice life to begin with’… For your information I had a very nice life, but I couldn’t feel it… Now all sorts of seemingly difficult things are happening in my life, but I’m happier than ever! Everyone in the world should do this training course.

Kim Peereboom – participant I AM

I’ve experience this as the most impressive, fastest healing training course that I’ve ever done.

Inge – participant I AM Academy

With “I AM Home” I laid the foundation from which I could continue to build on; knowledge, feeling, spiritual discernment. I am still growing and learning, but this time consciously! I’m becoming increasingly aware of myself, of who I AM in my everyday environment, of the Super Power that resides within me and how I can use this Super Power in a constructive way to help myself.

Gabi Maracz – participant I AM Academy

“I AM Home” has changed my life. I AM so grateful that I joined this training course. Life is so much better with my I AM.

Ellen Biesheuvel-Bakker – participant “I AM Home”

“I AM Home” training course was the dot on the ‘i’ I was missing, or better yet it was ‘the icing on the cake’.

Gér – participant I AM Academy

It was the most valuable, loving, honourable, and trustworthy, and clear training course what brought me to Self Love! I absolutely recommend this course. Feel safe and validated with this loving and sincere I AM Academy team.

Janny Jongen – participant I AM Academy

Tap into your Inner Wisdom

Get more control over your life

Personal growth

Be happier

A deeper connection with your I AM

Shape your life from your True Self

Feel in alignment with your True Self

Be free from old patterns

Have a deeper understanding about the use and power of words

Have insight into how energy works

Live from a place of harmony

Experience that success and abundance is a result of the above

“Your perfect Life energy is harmonizing. Therefore, it makes sense that our participants experience more harmony, cope better with stress, and as a result, see an improvement in their relationship with themselves and their environment.”

– Marjolijn Loderichs

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